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Yes! We always ship your order in discreet and neutral packaging. From the outside, it’s impossible to guess what’s inside the shipment. Only for deliveries outside of the European Union, we have to fill out a customs declaration and attach it to the outside of the package. We declare the content of the shipment as „Party Supplies“ to make sure your order gets processed by the customs as fast and easy as possible.

The sender's name on the shipping label is "M. & J. Dijkman". The name BALLOONS UNITED doesn’t appear anywhere outside of the shipment.

Of course, we also ship to packing stations, post offices, PO boxes, PickPost, etc. We only need all required information such as your post number, the number of the packing station, post office, PO Box, etc. If you don’t find the particular field while entering your address during the checkout process, just use the available fields like „company“ or the 2nd address row.

IMPORTANT: You need to choose the delivery method „DHL (with tracking / mit Sendungsverfolgung“ for delivery to packing stations, PO boxes or post offices!

We ship every day from Monday until Friday. Only on the weekends, there won’t be any shipments. Usually, we pack orders from morning to noon until the orders get picked up by our delivery service. So if you order and pay in the morning or before noon, the chances are that your order might even get shipped the same day. Of course except the weekend…

We ship your order max. 1-2 business days after receiving the payment. Sometimes even at the same day. Only on the weekends, there won’t be any shipments. In case you also ordered an electric balloon pump it’s possible that it might take 5-7 business days until we ship your order. We don’t regularly store electric balloon inflators and eventually have to order the pump from our distributor.

The estimated delivery time after dispatching your balloons can be found here: Shipping Info

In this case, there probably were delays on the end of the delivery company. The given delivery time is usually fulfilled or even exceeded. But of course, there’s always a chance of irregularities, strikes, weather-related failures or other delays. Especially shipments to countries which require a customs clearance (everything outside the European Union) might take a little longer always depending on how fast the customs process the shipment.

Unfortunately not. We get this question a lot but always have to decline. We run BALLOONS UNITED (at least at the moment) as a simple mail order from our private spaces. Our privacy is very important to us, and we try to protect it as good as possible. So it’s nothing personal, and we hope you understand.

Of course. We always put something on top of your order. For every commenced €10 value of goods we give away one exclusive crystal purple Belbal 14“ balloon with „WE LOVE BALLOONS“ print on top.

We recommend you always to store your balloons at room temperature, dry and protected from light. UV radiation and oxygen accelerate the aging process. The best way to keep your balloons safe is to use our provided and reclosable zip lock bags.

When stored correctly balloons have an average shelf life of easily two years. But this varies a lot depending on the brand. While Tuftex balloons, for example, have a rather short shelf life, balloons from Qualatex can last way longer than two years…

Little windows or thin spots in the balloon’s latex skin don’t have any negative effects on the quality of the balloon. By now we made the experience with numbers balloons that affected balloons can be inflated and used without any problems or limitations in their durability. Smaller irregularities such as air pockets in the latex skin or light folds can just come up and aren’t a defect. This simply is a part of the production and storage process.

But if you detect significant and bigger windows or weak spots (even in uninflated condition) or you are unsure about the balloon, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will provide you with advice and assistance. And if there are visible material defects we will find a satisfying solution, of course.

Of course not. You neither can return your food if you already ate it…

That’s why you should always check for visible defects of your balloons BEFORE inflating them. It’s impossible to tell afterward if the balloon bursts due to a material failure or if one simply overdid it with the inflation or the general handling.

In case there are visible material defects please contact us as soon as possible, and we will find a satisfying solution.

Yes we can. You can find all required information to this topic here: Custom Print

We only sell new and unused balloons. If we inflated balloons before shipping them, they wouldn’t be new anymore. With every inflation the stability of the balloon decreases and the risk of popping increases. So you will only receive high-quality new goods. Apart from that there already are enough people on the internet who offer this „service“ for money.

No. We decided not to make money with our used balloons. There might be occasional raffles where you can win balloons as an exclusive merchandise. But usually, we keep those balloons for us and other photo shootings. So if you’re looking for used balloons you can participate in one of our raffles of course. Apart from that there already are enough people on the internet who offer this „service“ for money.

No. To be honest we think mylar and foil balloons produce way too much unnecessary waste which isn’t biodegradable at all. The material of foil or mylar balloons are a way bigger pollution for environment and animals as latex balloons could ever be.

Here you can get more information on the topics environment and sustainability: Sustainability

No. We only concentrate on selling balloons. We only produce pictures and video just for fun and present them for free on social media channels and our blog LOONERS UNITED.

But if you’re looking for high-quality sexy looner clips we highly recommend our friends of THIRTY THREE ROOMS. They offer great photo and video material with our balloons.

If you’re interested in the whole topic of the balloon fetish and the colorful world of a looner just check out our blog LOONERS UNITED for more information.