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About us


On April 14th 2014 BALLOONS UNITED was born. In this case Mom and Dad are called Maggy and Jan and live in Germany. At the moment we are a pure online-shop and not a public store, where you can come by and shop. Sorry, but maybe this day may come.

At BALLOONS UNITED you won´t find cars, nor fashion, nor food or something. Logically, you find balloons at our shop. Most of them are extraordinary, but all of them are top quality and also biodegradable. But apart from balloons, we also sell several accessories, for example like pumps, inflation valves, closing clips or merchandise and for sure there will also be new stuff in our stock from time to time. No matter where you come from, we ship worldwide.


„The best thing is, that we turned our „hobby“ into a career. Jan and I do share not only a bed but also a desk. Sure, this might be a little bit tricky sometimes to spend so much time with a single person and now and then we quarrel with one another so that „balloons“ fly. But all in all, we complement each other perfectly with our vision, our ideas, and our skills. Regarding managing an online-shop both of us are lateral entrants and our whole life is based on the motto: just do it (which is sometimes easier said than done). Jan and I motivate and inspire each other perfectly, that´s why I´m convinced that without one another it would have never come this far in the first place and we wouldn´t work on such an exciting project.“ - MAGGY

„BALLOONS UNITED means self-realization for me. I always wanted to be my own boss, but I missed something, where I`m passionate about and which puts me on fire. With BALLOONS UNITED I found that. Here I find complete expressions in many ways: creatively, entrepreneurial and especially personally! The fact that we earn so much positive response for our work is the best reward for us. This might sound cheesy, but it´s just the way it is.“ - JAN


Beyond selling balloons we more and more often find ourselves in several projects. Started with advisory service, assistance, and support in ALL balloon related questions as far as the realization of individual balloon prints on request up to creating designs. Furthermore, the environment is very close to our hearts. HERE you can read more about what we as balloon sellers think of environment protection, what WE do for it and how YOU can support us.

But there is more!

All of you sure know the common uses of balloons, for example as decorating for events and parties like birthdays, weddings, grand opening and stuff, as a gift or for advertising purposes. But balloons can do much more than just look beautiful! Especially the use as a sex toy gets more and more popular and provide several options of interactions which you cannot compare with anything else. Particularly LOONER (= people with a balloon fetish) appreciate the unique characteristics of balloons a lot.

We handle this topic in a very open-minded way, and moreover we also campaign for more sexually freedom/diversity, as well as tolerance and respect in public. As long as no one gets any harm absolutely everyone has the right to act out one´s feelings and sexuality in their own individually way and without getting judged. And as a matter of fact also to have fun with balloons! If you are not a LOONER and you are hearing of this fetish for the first time, you will probably have a lot of questions in mind now. Just visit our LOONER and BALLOON FETISH blog LOONERS UNITED, and maybe you will find some answers there.

Looner, balloon lover, decorator, marketing people, event manager or just the next door neighbor:
Everyone, really EVERYONE is warmly welcome at BALLOONS UNITED!